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Haage|Pichler|Smith: Drift

Side A
Birds 02:01
Valentina 04:58
Patagonia I 03:55
Simp 04:49

Side B
Zahara (vinyl only) 04:03
13 Deers 04:45
N 05:34
Patagonia II 04:11
Slip Away 03:31

Johannes Haage – guitar
Matthias Pichler- bass
Joe Smith- drums

“Drift” is the debut recording of Johannes Haage´s collaborative trio with Matthias Pichler and Joe Smith.
It features compositions by guitarist Johannes Haage and drummer Joe Smith which offer a great variety of stylistic starting points from which they embark on new musical journeys together, creating open spaces for spontaneous improvisation and mutual interplay.
As in a dreamlike state, their music drifts from sparse to dense, from pop-like structures to free improvisation – but always staying true to the melody of the song and the calling of the moment.


Johannes Haage Trio plays Marlene Dietrich

Johannes Haage electric and acoustic guitar, loops, effects
Andreas Lang doublebass
Sebastian Merk drums, electronics, fender rhodes



Slowtrio: Nevermore

Johannes Haage – guitar
Simon Bauer – bass
Brendan Dougherty – drums


Battle cat ride EP